"Let Go, Live Free!"

If you knew you could not make a mistake...

 what would you create?

If you knew that you already belonged...

what would you offer?

If you knew you could not fail...

 what would you do?

If you knew that you were unique...

 what meaning would you bring to the lives of others?

If you knew you were enough...

 what would you teach?

If you knew you were safe...

 where would you go? 

If you knew you would always be happy...

 what would you risk?

If you knew you were naturally creative, resourceful and whole...

 what decisions would you make?

If you knew that life transformation begins with awareness...

 what would you be willing to notice?

If you knew that noticing gives you the power of choice...

what would you choose?

What does it take to know these things?

It takes desire and willingness and a powerful ally.

As your personal life and  relationship coach,

 I am that ally!

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