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Life Coach Kathy Loh
Birthday at Big Sur 2008

I have a wide range of interests, most of which fall into the arts, music, creativity, poetry, psychology, philosophy, quantum physics and spirituality sections of bookstores. I love the outdoors, hiking, road trips, healthy living, music making, journaling, writing, gardening and floating on water. I am passionate about artists as leaders, teaching the whole student, the power of intention and co-creation of reality, and the evolution of consciousness and neuroscience. I am also keenly interested in mind/body/spirit/heart practices, including Reiki, Qi Gong, meditation, chakra systems, medicine wheels, shamanism and sound healing. Besides being a certified coach with a private practice, I am also a faculty coach for Lucid Living and registered mentor coach with ICF. OK I admit it. I am enchanted by life and all the delights it has to offer us. Do you resonate? If so, why not contact me for a consultation and a taste of coaching?

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I have a blog too: Full Moon Path

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Articles I've written
Articles written about me
Forms you can download
Resources for you
Professional Trainings and Degrees
Other Mind/Body/Spirit training and practices
Professional Associations and Memberships

Articles I wrote that were published in the international online magazine, Coachletter and/or CTI Co-Active Newsletter

Note: these articles are all copyrighted. Please do not distribute them for your own use or reprint them without contacting me for permission. They are posted here for your reading pleasure. Thanks!

  • Click HERE to read: Letting Go is Not Failure
  • Click HERE to read: The Magic of Metamorphosis
  • Click HERE to read: Mindfulness Meditation and Coaching
  • Click HERE to read: Gratitude
  • Click HERE to read: Word Energy
  • Click HERE to read: Generosity and Giving
  • Click HERE to read: Self-Forgiveness
  • Click HERE to read: Life Artistry
  • Click HERE to read: Celebration
  • Click HERE to read: Completion & Incompletion
  • Click HERE to read: Going Into Silence
  • Click HERE to read: Acceptance
  • Click HERE to read: Perfection Illusion

Articles written about me:

  • Click HERE to read Chris Magyar's feature article about me (which was the cover story for the weekly: Good Times May 11-17, 2006) complete with photos by Kelly Vaillancourt.

Forms you can download: (watch for more forms coming soon)

  • Click HERE to download a Wheel of Life you can complete
  • Click HERE to download a Relationship Wheel of Life to complete with your partner
  • Click HERE to download a blank wheel

Resources For You

Click here to download free "Destress Kit", compliments of Heartmath.org

Professional Training and Degrees:

  • M.A. Music Theory - University of California Santa Barbara
  • B.A. Music Composition - University of California Santa Barbara
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) www.thecoaches.com
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation www.coachfederation.org
  • Graduate of The Center for Right Relationship Advanced Coach Training (CTI)
  • Graduate of Come Alive and Play! Advanced Coaching Mastery Training (CTI)
  • Graduate of CTI Business Development Program - 7 essential skills (visioning and business plan development)
  • Graduate of Co-Active Leadership Program (10 month, 4 retreat program)
  • Graduate of Retreat 5 - Mastering Level 4 Leadership with CTI
  • Certified Print Coach
  • Specialized advanced coach training from Lucid Living (www.lucidliving.net)
  • Advanced Gremlin Taming workshop with Rick Carson of Taming Your Gremlin.
  • Coach as Alchemist with Marita Fridjhorn of Center for Right Relationship
  • Awakened Wisdom with Patrick Ryan
  • Advanced Coach Training Awakened Wisdom
  • Soul's Dream with Michele McHall

Other Mind/Body/Spirit Training and Practices:

  • Certified Reiki Master (Usui method) with Barbara Rose Billings
  • Additional Reiki Master attunement in Usui and Tibetan methods with William Lee Rand (www.reiki.org)
  • Practitioner of Vipassana Meditation
  • Intensive training in Shamanic journeying, healing, soul retrieval and divination with Michael Harner & Alicia Gates (Foundation for Shamanic Studies www.shamanism.org
  • Training in shamanic soul retrieval with Sandra Ingerman (www.sandraingerman.com)
  • Medicine Wheel ceremony and training with White Eagle, keeper of the Delicate Lodge Medicine Wheel Bundle
  • Accessing Intuition through Sound with Nancy Marie
  • Sound Voice and Music Healing Certificate from CA Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
  • Yoga of the Voice Certificate
  • Completed teacher training for Yoga of the Voice
  • Pacific Mystery School with Pamela Eakins
  • Language of Creation with Tantra Maat of Metapoints
  • Training in Celtic Spirit Wheel with Tom Cowan
  • Use selenite swords for healing with Tom Ledder
  • Advanced Shamanic Training - Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with don Oscar Miro-Quesada


  • Owner/Instructor - private music studio for 16 years, teaching piano, voice, composition and theory to students ages 5 through adult.
  • Composer of performed vocal, chamber and dance compositions including an award winning string quartet.
  • Participant as composer & performer in First International Women Composers Symposium
  • First hand experience and participation in performance arts: theater, music performance & composition, modern dance & choreography, photography and creative writing.
  • Member of the board of directors/leadership for various professional and non-profit associations, including CAPMT(California Assoc of Professional Music Teachers), MTAC (Music Teachers Assoc of CA), OCPS (Orange County Philharmonic Society)
  • Co-leader and co-founder of Co-Active Network Community: Coaches of Creative Artists
  • Co-leader and co-founder of SoCal Wildfire Disaster Response Co-Active Community
  • Co-facilitator of retreats and meetings for non-profit arts associations and families with estate/elder care issues
  • Completed 12 week programs for both The Artists' Way and Walking in the World (by Julia Cameron)
  • Computer consultant, trainer and custom programmer - self-employed 12 years

Professional Association Memberships:

  • ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • IAC (International Association of Coaches)
  • ACF (American Composers Forum
  • Coachville - lifetime member

You can also find me on LInked-In, Plaxo Pulse, Twitter and Facebook

CURRENTLY ENGAGED IN: ( I no longer list by the year - you can see past adventures below)

Coaching individuals

On the faculty of coach training for Lucid Living Inc.

Compiling a book from my blog posts and other writings

Photography projects and writing

Year long Healing Journeys for individuals and couples

On the faculty for Lucid Living Great Story Coach Training and other Lucid Living coach training programs

Workshops, presentations, speaking engagements and classes 2007-2009

  • I took a sabbatical from presentations to create new workshops/products as well as assist two different 10 month sessions of CTI Co-Active Leadership courses.
  • I have been working with non-profits and families with inheritance/elder-care issues. Confidentialityagreements prevent me from listing them here.
Workshops, presentations, speaking engagements and classes (2006)
  • Workshop/speaker Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Conference May 17, 2006 "Business Strategies for Artists, Creatives and Healers."

Workshops, presentations, speaking engagements and classes (2005)

  • April 9 & May 21, July 2005 - Radiant Loving: a one day workshop for committed couples who want to deepen their relationship (co-leader Diane Boivie)
  • August 30 - Sept 3, 2005 - "River Magic" Personal growth workshop and River Rafting on the Klamath River , CA (co-leader David Wikander)

Workshops, presentations, speaking engagements and classes (prior years)

  • October 2004 "Whose Life are You Living? Be at Choice with your Inner Voice" covering awareness of the internal dialogue, revealing limiting beliefs and rules we make up for and about ourselves; shifting our perspectives so as to discover new options in our lives; create goals around those options and commit to action.
  • July - August 2004 - 5 week solo road trip through the Rockies at the beck and call of Spirit and the Muse.
  • June 2004: Presented to IMTA Board (Indiana Music Teachers Association) strategies for time management, prioritizing your commitments, letting go and saying no, moving out of overwhelm. The second half was creatively strategizing how to get a buzz going about the association and inspire new members to contribute at the leadership level.
  • January 2004: One of three guest lecturers at De Pauw University IN for a mini-course called Finding Your Focus. We explored ways to concentrate and focus during practice and draw on deeply personal energies during performance. We covered such issues as stage fright, distraction, memory loss and beoming aware of the vaious voices of the internal dialogue. I, personally, worked with 30 student athletes and musicians, using a mixture of lectures, coaching and experiential exercises.
  • 2003: Guest lecturer at Marin Academy Private High School in San Rafael CA - Awareness and Choice for Teens

email: kathyloh@coachkathy.com to schedule your complimentary session today!

Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC, MA - Nevada County, CA 530-470-0381

What My Clients & Others Say About the Impact of My Coaching

"You've got moxie! I like that." - B.H. (CA) after a family trust/estate meeting I co-facilitated

"This is the best coaching I've ever had" - D.N. (New York)

"There is nowhere I couldn't go, if I knew Kathy was there." - M.M. (Larkspur, CA)

"Wow! I was hardly able to speak for the rest of the day and night! I really appreciated the depth we got to. You made it seem so easy, quite natural. Thank-you very much. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself just being, AND just breaking things up and healing. I really responded to that trusting place you provided so naturally. I don't find that often enough. I feel my cells move...I crave that powerful, natural, truthful place!" D.D. (Santa Cruz, CA)

"Coaching with Kathy is like a fun road trip! Each week I had a new insight and could see my life with expanded vision. It was a journey to my true self with Kathy being an excellent navigator. Thank you!" - Sarah O'Rourke, coach, MN

"You built relationship with two people who bring a lot of different energies and expectations to the call and had us both excited and alive at the end. Can't think of anything that could have been better." J.S. Relationship Client (San Francisco)

"I do want to thank you. In my humble opinion, you are a terrific coach. You asked all of the hard questions that had to be asked, and at the same time always supported us as human beings. Thanks for coaching from the heart." C.W. relationship client (DC)

"I've had therapy and this is WAY better than therapy!" K.P. (San Rafael)

"I am more at ease with myself. I like myself more. I take time to nurture myself...I'm taking more opportunities to nurture others...I was surprised by seeing myself as more powerful, more loving and with greater capabilities." J.D. ( Montana)

"What I liked best about the workshop with Kathy was the soul searching and self discovery that took place; being provided with guidance to help me find who I am and what's keeping me from allowing myself to reach my fullest potential" "Kathy made us come out of our box and out of our comfort zone." "She created an environment in which I could speak openly, fearlessly and honestly. I am inspired." "It was a life-changing experience." - quotes from participants in Kathy's workshops.

Kathy journaling at Lake MacDonald
Journaling in Glacier National Park on solo road trip 2004